Chinese Sci-Fi Blockbuster Inspires Enhanced Global Cooperation in Space for a Shared Future: Chinese Envoy to the United Nations

Photo: Courtesy of the Chinese Permanent Mission in Vienna

Photo: Courtesy of the Chinese Permanent Mission in Vienna

Chinese envoy to the United Nations called for enhanced cooperation in space to move towards a shared future, as the profound meaning conveyed by the Chinese sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth IIat a side event of the 66th session of the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space on Friday.

The film, which has grossed $580 million in box office to date, is set in a future world where the sun is dying and the Earth is facing an impending apocalypse in just 100 years. Instead of seeking refuge in a spaceship, humanity decides to take the planet with them on a journey outside the solar system.

“Our planet is the home of all people, outer space is humanity’s common territory, and space exploration is humanity’s shared endeavor. An ocean of stars provides unlimited space for dreams, development and the progress that can be made by mankind,” said Li Song, China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna. “The film, which tells the story of a life-and-death crisis faced by humanity on Earth, portrays a united world, where countries join forces and mobilize all of our technologies and space capabilities to lead the Earth towards a new common future.”

Photo: Courtesy of the Chinese Permanent Mission in Vienna

Photo: Courtesy of the Chinese Permanent Mission in Vienna

The Wandering Earth II illustrates that the fate of humanity is interconnected and, faced with global challenges, no country can survive alone. Building a global community of shared future is the only way to address common risks and challenges and overcome global problems, Li said.

“The film’s scenes of the United Nations General Assembly should be so familiar to many of us. Representatives from all countries work in solidarity to adopt and advance the ‘Wandering Earth Plan’. It is a story that tells the spirit of the real multilateralism,” Li said.

Li also pointed out that the “Wandering Earth” film series showcases the human feeling behind China’s vigorous development of space technology and active promotion of international cooperation in space.

China advocates that nations work together to respect and promote the equal right of all countries to peaceful uses of space, to actively address space security challenges, and to ensure the peaceful, safe and sustainable use of space, it said the ambassador.

Li called the “Wandering Earth” film series “a gift from Chinese filmmakers to the world for the cause of international and multilateral space development” as it provides modern inspiration for the time.

In the face of a complex international situation, building a safer and more prosperous world is the strong desire of people around the world. It is the shared responsibility of all governments and the right direction for progress, the ambassador said.

Photo: Courtesy of the Chinese Permanent Mission in Vienna

Photo: Courtesy of the Chinese Permanent Mission in Vienna

China, under the leadership of the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, will engage in cooperation with other countries around the world to promote the building of a global community of shared future in the field of space, Li said.

Chairman of the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Omran Sharaf said at the event that in space, countries should strive for cooperation rather than competition and must remember that there is only one human identity in space: we are citizens of an Earth.

Sharaf expressed appreciation to China for creating a film that unites the world through soft power and reveals the future of the world through its creativity, innovation and technological prowess.

Guo Fan, the film’s director, told the event that The Wandering Earth II it is an exploration of the grand proposition of the “universe” by Chinese filmmakers with artistic imagination, and also a tribute to the success of Chinese space science and even the world’s space technology.

Since its release, the film has been well received by audiences around the world, which fully demonstrates that “science fiction” is a “universal language” beyond cultural differences, and scientific and technological progress is the common aspiration of all mankind, Guo said.

The side event, organized by the China Mission and China Film Group Corporation, with the participation of more than 200 representatives, was a positive effort to promote China’s space technology and film industry to become global.

The Chinese Embassy in Austria and the Chinese Permanent Mission in Vienna also held a special screening of the film, which introduced the blockbuster Chinese blockbuster to the UN stage.

The film is expanding its reach overseas, where it has already been released in theaters in North America, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. This sci-fi prequel is one of the rare Chinese films to have such a wide international release.

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