Creamy Garlic Butter Parmesan Chicken

Creamy Garlic Butter Parmesan Chicken is an ultimate cozy dish and a good and a tasty idea for dinner. It is everyone’s favorite dish and gives you a a delight full taste.



  • Chicken breasts 2 large
  • Almond flour 4 tbsp.
  • Parmesan cheese 2tbsp.
  • Salt 1/2 tsp.
  • Black pepper 1/4 tsp.
  • Butter 2 tbsp.
  • Crushed garlic 3 tbsp.
  • Chicken stock 1/4 cups
  • Whipping cream 1 cup
  • Mozzarella cheese 1/4 cup
  • Parmesan cheese 1/4 tbsp.
  • dried cilantro 1/2 tsp.
  • Fresh cilantro 2 tsp.


  1. Take a bowl and add parmesan cheese, almond flour, pepper and required amount of salt in a bowl.
  2. Take the chicken breasts and  coat them with the breading mixture.
  3. Use a pan and melt the butter in it and then add chicken breasts until it get light golden and cooked properly.
  4. Take out chicken from the pan and set aside for later use.
  5. Use the same pan, put crushed garlic and sauté until light golden.
  6. Add whipping cream and chicken stock and bring up to simmer.
  7. Now add parmesan and mozzarella cheeses and cook until it thickens the sauce and melts properly.
  8. Now add dried cilantro or the parsley.
  9. Now add the cooked chicken into the sauce and coat well in the sauce.
  10. Add fresh chopped cilantro for garnishing and then the dish is ready to be served.

Nutritional facts: 

creamy garlic butter parmesan chicken

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