Exclusive | World Environment Day: Rupali Ganguly says she asks for a bucket for bathing even in hotels

Rupali Ganguly is not only a good actor but also an environmentalist who practices sustainable living. The actor doesn’t believe in “hoax events,” but says World Environment Day should be a day we all need to sit down and think about how we can minimize our carbon footprint on this planet. “I believe in the old adage: the planet has enough for everyone’s needs, but not enough for anyone’s greed. We need to think about how we can reduce the negative footprint on future generations. Every day, we need to see what they are wasting. Once you are aware of this, you as a human being will definitely try to reduce the impact,” he says. Also Read: Rupali Ganguly visits Nitesh Pandey’s family at their home, gets emotional as he leaves)

Rupali Ganguly has decided to do her bit for the environment.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Rupali talked about doing his part for the environment and what the government and people can do for the same. Extracts:

What practices have you followed as an environmentally conscious person?

The important thing is to have a sustainable life. I stopped showering a long time ago. I use a bucket. This definitely saves water. What we citizens take for granted is a necessity when going to villages. Even if I go out of town, to the hotel, I ask for a bucket. It’s a little embarrassing to say, but until my clothes get really old, I don’t discard them. I don’t buy cars for status, it’s about necessity. My cars are only written off after 10 years, as per the government scheme. It’s your hard earned money, because you have to upgrade cars every 2-4 years. Use as much as you need. Kisko dikhana hai (to whom you want to show).

I don’t like buying clothes and I haven’t used leather for a long time. I do not buy carelessly. I use plastic boxes that we take home. I also have glass cans, but please don’t throw away the plastic cans after using them once. My mantra is reduce, reuse and recycle. I believe in it obsessively and this is the only way for humanity to sustain this planet. And why do we think the planet belongs only to us?

Are such practices followed on the sets of your show, Anupamaa?

On set, people wash their hands and use at least 5-6 tissue papers to clean them. It’s that simple to bring your own napkin. Even if you use tissue paper, why do you have to use a lot of it? 1-2 handkerchiefs are enough to dry your hands. I use two tissues to remove my makeup. Reduction in the use of fabrics, trees are cut down to make paper.

One bad habit I want to fix is ​​that I need a hard copy of scripts. I do not understand on the screen. In my production house they recycle paper and print on both sides. Plastic bottles too. I reject them until it’s a terrible situation, which is generating so much trash. I take my bottle with me everywhere and I am proud of it. Our producer Rajan Shahi has kept a water cooler instead of bottles. I bring 4 bottles from home and fill them up on set. We have 15 little dogs on sets, they’re great stress relievers. I like taking care of them, they are my babies. And I am so grateful to Rajan for giving him a home to stay.

You seem very concerned about stray animals. How do you try to help most of them?

I wish the government would take note of the animals, build underpasses or overpasses for them. Why must elephants be killed on the tracks by trains? Why should leopards and other big cats be killed in road accidents? Why would so many obnoxious and awful tourists be allowed in wildlife? You have already conquered the whole world. How would you feel if people came and went as they pleased and took pictures of you resting with your family? I hope the relationship that remains in this world is kindness. We only have one life to live and this is the only planet we have. We have to protect it. We all need to draw a line somewhere and make small changes. One day that change will be very big.

Share your message for humanity, how they can do their bit for animal welfare.

My father used to say: earn good karma. I don’t know why we call animals ‘animals’, these days they are more human than us. I tell my fans not to send gifts for me, but to send dog food instead. Donate for them. They cannot ask for food when they are hungry. I wish every stray animal had a home or someone to take care of them. We should shop around, just give them a 5 biscuits or 2 chapatis, hold water for them. Feed the cows. Take care of only one stray (animal) around you.

Do you think there is a need for a stricter policy to control animal torture?

Of course, there must be a very strict policy against animal cruelty. I don’t know what world we are living in. It was like 50 for animal abuse, has been revised but it is not enough. I just hope the government listens. I think any perpetrator who commits crimes against animals is surely a horrific criminal in the making. Anyone who has no empathy for animals cannot have empathy for humans. And that’s what I believe. I say it without shame, I judge a person based on how he treats animals.

Are you committed to this World Environment Day?

I used to take my period everywhere and go. I would walk more. Today’s children have forgotten to walk. We’re reducing the carbon footprint like this, right? Parents have to tell the children to start walking and they themselves have to start riding a bike. It’s an exercise, and it saves money too. Going to work by bicycle is not possible but I will try. Secondly, I have to buy an electric vehicle. There is also the dream of building an animal shelter, I’m working on it. You have to give it time and you need the right people to take care of it. People say legacy chhor ke jana hai. By inheritance I don’t mean itna sara paisa chhor gaye, kamaal ka flat chhor gaye (people talk about leaving an inheritance, it doesn’t mean a lot of money or a nice house). Legacy means what good can I do for this world? A world that God gave me. He put me here to do something.

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