June’s Sagittarius full moon forces you to be real

This summer is starting off with a bang as the full moon in Sagittarius sets the tone for an authentic and hearty season.

After Jupiter’s conjunction with Destiny’s North Node on June 1, the cosmos is brimming with positive energy. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, a Sagittarius full moon is an astrological gift as lunation sprinkles a little good luck on us all. While overseeing the spontaneous fire sign, Jupiter is currently in Taurus, seeking security and stability. The planet is also partnering with Saturn, which you can think of as the granddaddy of the solar system, dispensing divine wisdom at just the right time.

It is worth noting that the full moon always faces the sun and this time the bright orb is in Gemini, providing some balance. Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite sides of the same coin, which makes sense, considering air fuels fire. While the zodiac Gemini tends to get caught up in the smallest details, easily overthinking, Sagittarius is able to rise above and capture the bigger picture. This particular planetary conjunction can result in some game-changing epiphanies, bringing you closer to your life purpose while being reminded of the power you hold to change your own life. Taurus is all about hard work, while Sagittarius, ruled by the planet of luck, is adventure-seeking and deeply charismatic. Opposite, Gemini, the nuanced social butterflies of the 12 signs, June is bound to have some game-changing events in store.

Not to mention, the full moon trines Mars in Leo, boosting your sense of confidence and giving you the courage you need to pursue your dreams, full steam ahead.

Keep scrolling to find out what the Sagittarius full moon of June has in store for you.

The Sagittarius full moon lights a fire in your 9th house of travel and adventure, igniting your wanderlust. As a fire sign mate, go with your gut and see where the wind takes you. If international travel isn’t in your cards, indulge in the joy of spiritual and intellectual travel.

Falling into your eighth house of intimacy and heritage, Saturday’s full moon prompts you to take calculated risks for the greatest reward. As an earth sign, your feet are firmly planted on the ground as you keep an eye out for stability. However, the full moon of Sagittarius will inspire you to mimic the energy of the fire sign and move forward.

We are in the height of your season, Gemini and the Sagittarius full moon is in your seventh house of partnership. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’re in your healer girl era and dating alone, think about ways you can recommit to what’s truly best for you. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to that lackluster situation or tell your toxic boss how you really feel — either way, relationships will show their true colors in the coming weeks.

It’s time to get physical as the Sagittarius Full Moon is in your 6th house of health and wellness. Take some time on Saturday night to identify your personal goals and don’t get bogged down by the “bikini body” noise. Instead, create a sustainable system that aligns more closely with what you truly want and need for not only your physical growth, but your spiritual growth as well.

Saturday’s full moon ignites the heat in your fifth house of creativity and romance, giving you the courage and confidence to be bold about what you desire. Don’t waste time walking around the bush, use your proud roar and be clear and articulate, using Sagittarius’ outspoken nature for inspiration.

Resting in your domestic fourth house, the full moon of Sagittarius will prompt you to become honest with those closest to you. While you tend to be secretive and play your cards close to the vest, now is the time to get vulnerable with those you trust the most to further deepen your intimacy.

The Sagittarius full moon falls in your third house of communication, paving the way for your inner circle to widen. Maybe it’s a creative collaborator or a new summer romance on the horizon, but keep your heart open to new possibilities.

It’s about the Benjamins, baby as the full moon cashes her checks at your second income home. While summer usually results in overspending, you’d be wise to lay low and stay frugal, prioritizing long-term benefits over short-term rewards.

The full moon is in your first house of self, so let your light shine bright in Sagittarius. Your naturally magnetic energy attracts people, so bask in the spotlight you so rightfully deserve and be your unapologetically free self.

The Sagittarius full moon is tying up loose ends in your 12th house of surrender and subconsciousness, urging you to give in to the cosmic flow of the universe. While you prefer to control your destiny, if you give up your need to plan everything and allow the stars to guide you, you may encounter something less than a miracle.

Sitting in your 11th house of networking, the Sagittarius full moon encourages you to make friendships that push you to be your best self. As we enter the second half of the year, it’s time to reevaluate the alliances you have, making sure those around you inspire you to operate at your highest vibration.

With the Sagittarius full moon shining brightly in your 10th house of career and success. You’ve worked hard over the last few months, planting the seeds for your professional growth and now it’s time to sow the fruits of your labor. Don’t be afraid to speak up because sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise can lead to your big break.

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