Nateras DNA analysis tests can cost more than advertised

Natera’s Surprise Medical Charges: Who’s Affected?

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Have you had the Natera prenatal genetic test? Have you received surprise medical bills for Natera tests?

Consumers have filed complaints in court and online through forums like the Better Business Bureau, alleging that Natera, a medical testing company, regularly overcharges consumers for genetic testing. Some patients were allegedly charged thousands of dollars for medical tests after prices were promised in the hundreds, placing great strain on patients and their families. Consumers may be able to take legal action against Natera’s surprise medical bills in a class action lawsuit.

Do you qualify?

If you received surprise medical bills after taking the Natera test, you may qualify to participate in this Natera Surprise Billing Class Action Investigation.

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What is the Natera test?

natera is a blood testing company that offers DNA testing across oncology, women’s health, and organ health testing. Doctors can recommend the Natera test to patients to better inform them about health risks such as cancer, infertility and transplant eligibility. Natera-specific prenatal genetic testing includes:

  • Horizon (advanced vector screening)
  • Panorama (non-invasive prenatal testing)
  • Vistara (single-gene NIPT)
  • Anora (miscarriage test)
  • Spectrum (preimplantation genetics)
  • Vasistera (limited NIPT)

How much does the Natera test cost?

Second natera, the company is committed to affordable testing and welcomes coverage from insurance plans like Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare. The medical test provider also offers a compassionate assistance program that charges no more than $149 per test for consumers in bad financial situations.

Some patients have reported being told by their doctor that a Natera prenatal genetic test would cost no more than $249. However, Natera will still bill insurance companies and patients directly for amounts that far exceed $249.

Natera also advertises a price transparency program to provide personalized cost estimates to consumers based on their insurance information and other factors, according to its Pricing and Billing page. Unfortunately, according to Natera customer stories, the medical testing company may charge significantly more than initially promised in these estimates or may not provide estimates at all.

Does Natera charge surprise medical bills?

According to many patients, Natera charges surprise medical bills for her testing services. Consumers say they were shocked to receive thousands of dollars in medical bills after being promised tests would cost only hundreds instead.

Numerous consumers have detailed their experiences with Natera’s Surprise Medical Expenses on the Better Business Bureau website. A May 2023 complaint called Nateras’ billing practices incredibly predatory. According to the reviewer, the test company provides unclear cost information and dodges the liability of consumers and insurance companies. Another complaint claims a patient was told Natera’s test would cost only $100. Natera subsequently allegedly billed the uninsured customer $795, a nearly 800 percent increase over the promised test price. Several other complaints detail similar experiences with Natera’s surprise medical bills.

Some consumers have reacted to Natera’s surprise medical bills by filing class-action lawsuits. According to a 2021 class action lawsuit, Natera promised to charge a couple hundred dollars even without insurance. Instead, the company billed the plaintiff and her husband $8,000.

The class-action lawsuit alleges that Natera intentionally makes it difficult to contact them to dispute surprise medical bills, and when consumers are allowed to make contact, the company pressures them into making payments. The plaintiffs in Natera’s class action say they were told they could clear the surprise $8,000 medical bill with an immediate payment of $249 over the phone. Despite being promised that this payment would waive the remaining balance, the plaintiffs would receive additional bills of more than $700 in subsequent months.

Join an investigation into Natera’s deceptive billing class action lawsuit

Consumers who have received surprise medical bills from Natera for genetic testing may be able to take legal action. A class action lawsuit against Natera’s surprise medical bill could recover compensation for exorbitant testing fees.

If you received surprise medical bills for Natera’s prenatal genetic testing, you may qualify to participate in this Natera Surprise Billing Class Action Investigation.

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