Caltech claims to have transmitted energy to Earth from satellite

Caltech claims to have transmitted energy to Earth from satellite

Researchers at a US university say they have beamed energy from an orbiting satellite to a detector on Earth, proving that harvesting energy from solar panels in space is technically possible. The eggheads at the California Institute of Technology, aka Caltech, said they used a satellite launched into orbit in January to demonstrate the ability … Read more

The Energy Revolution: Are the Fossil Giants Going Kodak’s Way?

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The energy sector is seeing a revolution as fossil fuel giants like Shell and ExxonMobil face potential obsolescence, much like Kodak did in the past. The financial success of these companies today does not guarantee their long-term survival. At the same time, new players are emerging and the industry is becoming more distributed. This transformation … Read more

Thank the cult of green energy for the big blackouts this summer

The NERC applies to most states west of the Mississippi.

Opinion From Glenn H. Reynolds June 5, 2023 | 5.40pm The North American Electric Reliability Corporation has warned that at least two-thirds of the country is at risk of power outages this summer. Christopher Sadowski Summers coming. That means sun, swimming, grilling and blackouts. This is the warning from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. … Read more

The new satellite successfully transmits energy from space

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Solar power is the fastest growing form of renewable energy and currently accounts for 3.6% of global electricity generation today. This makes it the third largest source of the renewable energy market, followed by hydropower and wind. These three methods are expected to grow exponentially over the next few decades, reaching 40% by 2035 and … Read more

Whitmer wants a clean energy haven. Rural communities are pushing back

Wind turbines spin on farmland Tuesday, May 30, 2023 in Huron Township.

Towards the tip of Michigans Thumb, dozens of wind turbines dot the rural landscape, their blades catching the attention of passers-by as they slowly rotate. The region has one of the highest power generation potential on a per megawatt-hour basis in the state, and in recent years, the sight has become more common above the … Read more

Zap Energy unveils an innovative method for quantifying fusion energy gain

Zap Energy Fusion

Zap Energy, in an article published on Fusion science and technology, defined its methodology for measuring and calculating the net energy gain, or Q, in shear-flow-stabilized Z-pinch fusion plasmas. This marks a significant step towards demonstrating energy gain in fusion power development. Credit: Zap Energy A new paper outlines scientific methods for measuring and calculating … Read more

Integration of woven graphene into energy storage devices

Integration of woven graphene into energy storage devices

Woven graphene is an intriguing contender for applications in next-generation energy storage and conversion devices due to its intrinsic physical qualities and the high degree of tunability of its electronic properties. Image Credit: MZinchenko/ What is Entangled Graphene? Twisted graphene, also known as twisted bilayer graphene, is a unique structure that can be created by … Read more

World Environment Day 2023 | The indies dig deep to harness its geothermal energy

World Environment Day 2023 |  The indies dig deep to harness its geothermal energy

India’s energy demand is reported to be the highest globally for 2021-30, and the country is pushing the addition of renewable energy capacity to achieve the twin objectives of energy security and emissions reductions. While the country estimates there is potential to develop 10 gigawatts (10 GW) of geothermal capacity, this segment has received little … Read more

Renewal of energy recovery: a new way to efficiently convert waste heat into electricity

Nanopillars efficiently convert heat energy into electricity

Illustration of nanopillars used in a new project to efficiently convert heat energy into electricity. Credit: S. Kelley/NIST A team from NIST and the University of Colorado Boulder has developed a new device using nanopillars of gallium nitride on silicon that significantly improves the conversion of heat to electricity. This could potentially reclaim large amounts … Read more