NASA’s moon commander likes to do the ‘impossible’ – WTOP News

NASA's moon commander likes to do the 'impossible' - WTOP News

“Would I have ever thought about boarding a NASA rocket to the moon?” said Reid Wiseman, commander of the Artemis II mission to the moon, with a laugh. “Absolutely not; it wasn’t in my wildest imagination.” NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman has always loved going fast. “When I was a kid, I wanted to ride trains,” … Read more

Sodium on steroids: a breakthrough in nuclear physics thought to be impossible

Illustration of the model of atomic matter

RIKEN nuclear physicists have successfully created an extremely neutron-rich sodium isotope, 39Na, previously predicted by many models of atomic nuclei to be non-existent. This discovery has significant implications for our understanding of the structure of atomic nuclei and the astrophysical processes that form the heaviest elements on Earth. Nuclear physicists have created the most neutron-rich … Read more