Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere mark a near-record increase

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere mark a near-record increase

Comment on this storyComment Despite growing awareness of global climate change and its devastating effects, carbon dioxide levels continue to walk in the wrong direction. This year’s annual rise in CO2 levels is one of the largest on record, representing a buildup of heat-trapped gases not seen in millions of years, scientists at the Scripps … Read more

Why climate change is fueling the increase in mosquito numbers in NC

A new study has found it "first" Mosquito days are on the rise in the Wilmington area and throughout North Carolina as climate change causes warmer temperatures.  STARNEWS FILE PHOTOS

They’re as much a part of summer in Southeast North Carolina as the sun, sand, and surf. But the buzz generated by these kids isn’t one that anyone really appreciates, and a new study shows that North Carolina’s warm climate fueled by climate change is creating better living conditions for the region’s bloodsucking residents. A … Read more

The increase in mosquitoes is “a trend” across Canada this year. Here because

This 2014 photo made available by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a feeding female Anopheles funestus mosquito. (James Gathany/CDC via AP)

Mosquitoes. They are thirsty bloodsuckers who annoy those who traverse the wild, feasting on their salty life source while leaving red, itchy bumps behind. And this year across Canada, it seems the pesky bugs are worse than ever. Those who have wondered about an increase in mosquitoes may be right, according to Laura Ferguson, an … Read more

Alarm for the increase in the number of teenagers addicted to “smart drugs”.

Drug counselors said anxious students contacted them after becoming addicted to smart drugs to cope with the stress of studying for exams

A record number of students and schoolchildren are being treated for addiction to stimulant ‘smart drugs’ that put them at risk for severe anxiety and insomnia, experts have warned. UK Addiction Treatment Group (UKAT), a leading addiction clinic, has responded to calls from thousands of young people seeking help after becoming addicted to tablet computers. … Read more

Ozempic and Wegovy: FDA warns of increase in off-brand versions

A pharmacist is seen working.

Share on PinterestThe FDA has issued an advisory on GLP-1 drugs made in compounding pharmacies. Terry Vine/Getty Images The FDA has issued a warning on GLP-1 drugs similar to Ozempic and Wegovy. These drugs differ from FDA-approved Ozempic and Wegovy because they are made by online pharmacies and other uncertified sources. These compound drugs are … Read more