The Calico cat helps us better understand human genetics

In all mammals, females have one pair of X chromosomes, while males have one X and one Y chromosome. Microscopic image of male chromosome pairs, with the sex chromosomes located in the lower right

When someone says “cats,” our minds typically conjure up images of their cute, furry, and playful natures, or we might recall funny viral cat videos that made us laugh. However, we rarely associate cats with genetics classes. Surprisingly, cats, or more precisely female cats, can teach us an important lesson about a genetic phenomenon that … Read more

The universe as never seen before: this week in space

The Eagle Nebula

Space telescopes provide stunning images of the universe, thanks to a combination of advanced technologies and observations made outside the constraints imposed by our atmosphere. However, due to physical limitations, each telescope can only observe a specific type of electromagnetic radiation, or a relatively narrow range of it, thus limiting our ability to gather all … Read more